The Alps are dying in front of our eyes

A group of scientists crossed the Alps back in 1992 on foot, and this was repeated this summer. The
Whatsalp project has determined: The changes as a result of climate change are sometimes scary. Still,
there are initiatives that give the scientists hope.

The idea was to go the same way as 25 years ago: from Vienna to Nice in France. They expected
changes, but sometimes they were even bigger than they had guessed. In the lower parts of the Alps,
forests are dying and have more and more harmful insects in them. Orchards are damaged by frequent
frosts and early spring warming up. On the top of the Alps, glaciers are retiring and where the snow was
in the winter and summer. This summer it was dry.

That’s not all: rain storms have become more common and their waters change the landscape. Often
paths that people walked on a quarter century ago are gone, because the earth created from the rainfall
went into the valley. “These are all signs of climate change” concluded the Swiss geographer Harry
Spikes. “Everyone is aware of this, but nobody‚Äôs changing their behavior. Times have changed. In
priorities and politics. Now, everyone is concerned only with global issues such as terrorism and

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