A TV host brought thousands of people to an autistic little girl’s birthday

Popular Polish TV journalist and host Filip Chajzer has made an incredible surprise for a 12-year-old girl from Warsaw, who suffers from autism, when he gathered thousands of people from all over Poland so they could organize a grand birthday surprise for the girl, a week after a fiasco happened, when no one showed up for the birthday party her mother organized.

Chajzer’s attention was drawn to the comment of the mother of 12-year-old Oliwka who complained on social media that she rented a hall, sent invitations on time, placed boards on the street so that the guests would not get lost, but just one of her daughter’s friends came. Oliwka suffers from an easier form of autism, goes to school normally and everybody can communicate with her.

“What do you say next Saturday we burst in with our kids and sing her a birthday song? I’ll bake a cake, I do not know if it will be enough for everyone. Let her remember this birthday for the rest of her life”, Chajzer urged every one of the 800,000 people who follow his profile on Facebook, and sad that anyone willing may come and cheer up the sad girl, at a repeated birthday celebration in Warsaw.

According to Chajzer, several thousand people showed up, completely blocking that part of the Pulavska street in Warsaw. Pictures started showing up on the facebook profile of the TVN television, of the overjoyed little girl, comments of good wishes intended for her made by people from all over Poland, and a video from a boy from Manchester, who also suffers from an easier form of autism.

“I heard that nobody came to your birthday and I am terribly sorry, you must be great and the whole school had to be with you on that day. I’m autistic also and people come to my birthdays to get to know me better,” told a 12- year-old Max from Manchester in his video.

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